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Monday, 15 April 2013

Final and Fond Farewell

Just over a year ago Karen left Thinking For Tuesday and after many auditions and some great jams with some really talented musicians we are putting a pin in Thinking For Tuesday.

Will has decided to leave Thinking For Tuesday for the foreseeable future, however it does not mean forever.

Tom, Chris and Barny decided that without Will TFT was too thin on the ground to build up again, so decided it best to put it on hold rather than try to continue.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, from all our parents and families to the few fans we had. It has been a pleasure writing songs and playing music and we are glad you liked it too.

As a little thank you, we have made all our professionally record songs available to listen to online, but you can still use the website to buy a physical CD as well. (Final plug....)

We would like to thank Kirsten, who recently brought a great voice and some new ideas to the band, it was just at the wrong time! You can check out her own awesome stuff here.

If anyone from TFT has another project we will post it on these walls, but for now we are closing the page on this time as TFT.

Thanks again to everyone Tom, Will, Chris and Barny.