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Wednesday, 28 November 2007



Last night a nice chap by the name of Bruce came and filmed the band for a new project that is under development. As its not ours to plug yet I will say no more but when we can, we will let you know and hope we can show off our footage and interview from the evenings proceedings.


Thursday, 9 August 2007

Studio day 2 and 3

So it got busy and we got tired and we missed the daily blog entry (and it was only 3 days!!)

So here we go....

Day 2.

Straight back in and the kit was still there from the night before. Tom got back into it and we finished off all the guitar parts that were left to do.
Isolation took the longest because frankly we were trying to be clever ;-) But we like the result.
Karen then took her step into the vocal booth. We did all the songs but she was always a little off and uncomfortable it was only then we realise she can't hear much in the head phones.......Oh well.

Day 3.

So we are back in and with more energy and knowing where we went wrong the vocals came together ver nicely. It was much more powerful and we did the harmonies in a separate booth but live to Karen and it felt more natural and with a few practices of each song they sounded really big and rich. However Tom and Will may have made their own lives harder because Spin never used to have backing vocals......It does now!
We now have to wait for the mix down of all the songs, but we are expecting good things as Preppy (engineer) really knew what we wanted to hear and captured us very well for the EP.
We can't wait to hear the final till then!

Monday, 6 August 2007

Studio : Day 1

We have started (and finished) Day 1 of the 3 days in Valley Studios.
So Far we have been working very hard and achieved more than we thought we would.
Its hard to give a real feel for the songs as we have heard them in bits and pieces but so far its going well and we are on for a great session tomorrow.

All the drums and bass parts are down (although you never know what might change) and we have done 3 whole songs from both guitars.

Tuesday will start with Tom and his parts in Dig it Up and then we can finish Isolation (at nearly 8 minutes) Then its to all the vocals and harmonies.

We shall let you know more tomorrow!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Joiners - What a gig!

This was our best gig to date and everyone we spoke to seemed to agree.
Before I start, a huge thanks to everyone for making the effort and for all the support at the gig.

This was a great venue, well run (they have been doing it a while), friendly and a great atmosphere.

All the bands were friendly and it was great to meet everyone.

TFT were really pleased with their performance and although we can always improve its nice to finish a gig happy!

The highlight of the gig had to be the "Arse Badges!" It got a laugh from the crowd and made the badges just that little bit more special!!!

Cheers to Echo Chamber for getting all badged up as well!

Thanks again to all and we hope to play there again soon! It was so much fun!

Friday, 6 July 2007

Studio is booked......

We are booked in and can't wait to go.
The first week in August we are set to make a trip to Valley Studios in Winchester and record our debut EP.
We are having trouble chosing which songs to play as we want to do as many as we can but also make sure we do a great job on a few songs not a bad job on loads.
So soon enough you will be able to download, stream or however you get to music, listen to TFT where ever you go.......You never know you might want to!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Well Blimey its July.

This year is going so quickly its scary.
However to see out June we played an acoustic set at the Atrium bar in Bracknell and had a wonderful time. It was a great evening.
Thanks to everyone that came down we really appreciated the support, especially from Hen and Charlie from Suki's Wish for stepping in at short notice.
Cheers to the people who came up to us at the end, we apprecitated the support, its always nice to meet new people.

See you all soon

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


What can we say.

Tim (Drummer) has decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. He wants to write more of his own music and perform it as a "front man" rather than being behind the kit. This is fair enough and we wish him all the best with his music.

We are looking for a new drummer so if you know any one please drop us a line through the web site.

So till then....

Friday, 27 April 2007

Studio Time

Well we are booked (hopefully) into The Dugout Studios in Fareham for the end of May to get a CD made. Its going to be intense but fun. Its a 3 hour session, for the first hour they get levels then you can record for 2 hours as much as you can play. At the end you take the best tracks and they put them on CD. Its not quite as good as Multi-Track but gives a better impression than just a live Gig recording as you can take your time to get it right and not just play it the once.
In 2 hours we can run our enitre set about 2/3 times but I think we want to make sure we get 3/4 really good ones.

So soon we should have a new demo to show off......

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Another Practice.

Last night was great we worked really hard on playing a few songs from the Set to make sure we still knew what we were doing. Then we worked on a few new songs.
The main one being "Isolation" - very dark I know - but it is great. It started life from a bit of fiddling around and Will actually went away and made some great chords and ideas and came back and said - "Play this". We did. It rocks!
Last night was filling in the harmony and backing vocals parts with the new desk we have (or are about) to buy. Thanks to Mark R for that one.
The trouble we face is volume. We are very loud and energetic but can forget this on stage so we are trying to work out the best volume to play at. (Each venue is different).
We hope to book a few new gigs soon enough, over the weekend we are getting some photos produced by "Corkboard Photography". These will be on the web and the good ones in the press packs (begging letters, please give us a gig).
Hope to see you at a gig soon.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Thinking For Tuesday

We are a south coast based band that have been together for about 6/7 months. If you are reading this from the website links then you probably know this already.

At the moment we are into April and have finised our very big run of gigs. They were great fun to do and we all love playing live but its about balance.

We are spending this month writing new songs and tweaking the old ideas. There are some really nice things coming out from the TFT camp so we hope to play them at a gig soon.

We are getting some "promo" photos done in the next few weeks so we can start to get more gigs with our complete press pack. We have a few tracks and a nice little biog so we just want to show off our image, (if we have one!).

These will be avaliable on our web site ( and we will try to keep a this blog up to date with what we do and when.