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Sunday, 10 February 2008

London Later.....

Hello people!

So I just thought I'd log on and say how much I'm enjoying this busy week with the band

Most of all how I can't wait to do our first gig in London tonight. We've got a good crowd coming along and hopefully we'll get some more photos to display on the site so will be selecting my outfit later on today! Not sure exactly but would like it to incorporate a 'Little Miss Bad' T-Shirt.

We'll let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed!



Well haven't we had a busy couple of days.

Last night, ok Tuesday night, we all decended on one of the Student Union Bars in Southampton for a night of live music with Forget The Script and Decora. a great Loud night for us all.

I have just gotten home after we have spent some time recording a Radio spot over in Guildford that will be aired in the near future.

Be sure to listen out for us on 96.4 Eagle if you are able to pick that up.

So now after two very late nights I'm going to get some deserved sleep!

Catch you all soon


London Baby

Well I've just got back and started relaxing after finishing a truely awesome gig in London, even with guitar issues (power cut-outs, bass amps de-earthed [apparently] and therefore buzzing for half a song) the thinking for tuesday machine still rocked people's balls off....even people "sans balls", the music made them grow and then rocked them right off! I have to say my drumming was particularly great, even with such a poor kit that they had ;)

We got there around 6:30pm for a nice leisurely sound-check where there was much gaffa taping of broken skins (very rock 'n roll!) and generally trying to get a decent sound from the PA. Top marks to the sound engineer who really knew his stuff - it always helps that the audience can at least hear the band so it's even better when they can hear everything at the right level! First off Wire Jesus played a really good set with some cracking vocal harmonies (really good work there guys) I particularly enjoyed watching the lead lady singer lean over with her top undone...nipples always aid a performance. Actually I think my favourite part of their set was the lady playing the accordian (or maybe it's a harmonium? It wasn't one of the hand held ones so I think that's a harmonium....whatevs...) I really think their style of music fitted it really well.

Anyway, onto the most important part, we got up on stage to quite a packed audience which always help power up that rock energy centre that everyone has (a little like buffy and her slayer power but for rock....sorry have just watched about 4 in a row.....I'm such a geek...). I think our set list has settled quite nicely into a good flow (even with Tom's guitar losing power right at the beginning of the song - the show must go on!). By the end of Girl in the Red Dress 2 (possibly my favouritest!) we were all feeling pretty exhilirated and so to finish off with a massively powerful song we did Isolation where, even though Will said he fumbled a part of his solo, I thought he sounded f*cking awesome! Thanks so much for everyone who came down and gave their support, we easily had the most number of supporters EVEN THOUGH the venue had changed less than a week before from Hammersmith to Ealing (not the easiest of jumps). Thanks to Erica, Hen, Mark and Kazla's family for helping out and taking pictures etc (Hen took some awesome ones using funky lighting and high ISO/slow shutter speed which should be up on here soon so keep an eye out for them!) Also a massive thanks to Frankie and Kazla's old AcTOR friends who came and gave their support. It really does make a gig worth it! I'm sure I've missed out some people but thanks to you too!

After our set it was time for Hard Fox (or Foxy Hard as the sound engineer caled them) who played a lively set with some real power behind them, nice solos, good range of songs to keep people interested! Thanks goes to them for headlining!

Phew, this blog has turned into a bit of an essay!

Anyway I've probably said enough for tonight....possibly a lifetime so I'll leave you with a pleasant thought, nuzzling into Tom's man-boobs.....mmmmm

Chris Signing Out!