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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Last nights practice, and a cry for help!


Sorry we have not posted much this year, in fact this might be the first of the year.

Well there is a good reason for that. We have been working on band admin, all the stuff you might not get time for when you do start gigging.

So last night we had a good practice. We blasted through some of the normal set material and we also worked on a new song.

Tom and Will had jammed an idea about a few backs while in the comfort of a BBQ and a pint of shandy and took the idea to Barny and Chris last week. A few tweaks here and there and it was shaping up nicely.

During the week a few lyrics were put down and Karen got to have a listen last night. It will be a fun song to play as we hope it has a bit of everything we do in there.

We need your help though. We have the chance to support City Stereo in London and we need your vote.
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