Thinking For Tuesday's Fan Box

Friday, 6 July 2007

Studio is booked......

We are booked in and can't wait to go.
The first week in August we are set to make a trip to Valley Studios in Winchester and record our debut EP.
We are having trouble chosing which songs to play as we want to do as many as we can but also make sure we do a great job on a few songs not a bad job on loads.
So soon enough you will be able to download, stream or however you get to music, listen to TFT where ever you go.......You never know you might want to!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Well Blimey its July.

This year is going so quickly its scary.
However to see out June we played an acoustic set at the Atrium bar in Bracknell and had a wonderful time. It was a great evening.
Thanks to everyone that came down we really appreciated the support, especially from Hen and Charlie from Suki's Wish for stepping in at short notice.
Cheers to the people who came up to us at the end, we apprecitated the support, its always nice to meet new people.

See you all soon