Thinking For Tuesday's Fan Box

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Farewell to Karen, we will miss you!

It is after a fantastic five years of working as Thinking For Tuesday that we are saying a sad farewell to Karen Saunders, the sassy rock chick who has driven Thinking For Tuesday forward for quite some time.

Karen has worked so hard for the band, organising the rest of us and making contacts in many fields of the music industry. She has been a key player in what makes Thinking For Tuesday tick, and has always put her heart and soul into the band's live performances. We have played such a range of venues and gigs with Karen that were all enjoyable, but a few that stand out are supporting Sham 69 at the Railway Inn in Winchester, Senser and Them is Me at the Talking Heads in Southampton, The Coronas at the Boileroom in Guildford and City Stereo at the O2 in London. In the last few years we worked hard to get slots at festivals and have travelled all around the country playing to some lovely crowds.

Karen worked hard to create a great structure for the band and was infamous within Thinking for Tuesday for her lists and spreadsheets and organisation of folders!

Karen leaves Thinking for Tuesday on a high and we will keep in touch with her and let you know as some of her new projects develop. It is not our place to say what they are but we will be really pleased to see them come to fruition.

Thinking For Tuesday would like to thank Karen for all the work she put into the songs that we will try to keep playing, but would like to give her a special mention for two of the crowds favourites: Ordinary Song and Unsung Hero were songs Karen worked hard to write and we want to continue to do them justice.

These last 5 years together have been brilliant for all of us, which is why it is hard to say goodbye to one of the founding members of the band. We want to wish Karen all the best of luck for the future and all the success she deserves.

Good Luck,

Tom, Will, Barny and Chris.