Thinking For Tuesday's Fan Box

Friday, 25 January 2008

The Hobbit and the Band


A great night for music at the Hobbit.

Its 2:18am on what is now Saturday morning and I think the buzz won't wear down for a while.

We loved the opportunity to play the venue and were so happy to support Turning Green who had a fantastic sound, set and energy.

We all enjoyed playing (as we always do) but carried on dancing after we had finished to the funky eclectic sound of TG.

Thanks so much to everyone for coming down and especially to the Davis Brothers who interviewed us and snapped away a few more photos, we do appreciate the support.

Its fantastic to get such a warm and welcoming response from so many people after a gig that was just incredible to play.

Thanks again to every one and a very good night, or should that be Morning.