Thinking For Tuesday's Fan Box

Friday, 28 March 2008

The Railway

Hello and good morning.

Last night was a great night and we got to play at a great venue with 2 other great bands.

Well the first band was actually one guy who got let down by the other half of the band, but a great set from "hello country". The set was really good but finished of with a crowd pleasing version of Umbrella...ella..hey, hey.... It was better than the original and had the crowd singing along as well.

Next up were "Brassneck" and they were great fun, a lovely bunch of guys and gal and some catchy tunes.

We were last on the bill and I had a great time. I thought we
played a really good set and enjoyed seeing Mr Booth let his hair down quite literally and become a headbanging machine.
Our new song "Unsung Hero" got a few nice comments from some of the crowd afterwards and its always nice to know people like the new ones as well.

A huge thanks to everyone that came along for the gig and made the effort for us we really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the gig as much as we did.

Thanks to all the guys at the Railway for making it a great night.

Hope to see you again soon


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

2 Studios Sessions

Well, so far we have done 2 sessions with Rob and his student friends in the studio and we are really impressed so far.

It sounds good and we just hope that we can keep up the momentum as we progress through the recording.

As is it stands we have recorded 3 tracks but may well be able to do more later.

The tracks are Moving too Slow, Falling and Girl in the Red Dress 2

We had practice last night and was the first time we had seen Karen in a while as she had been ill. But she seemed perky again last night, and frankly how can you not be if you are with such fine young men,......

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Recording Tonight!'s all very exciting, we're starting our recording today with the latest edition of the band line up and I don't know about anyone else but I'm so excited that I may have weed a little bit!

It's very kind of Mr Solent Uni Student (can't for the life of me remember his name but I definitely will by the end...I promise! Chris, his name is Rob....) to record our tracks for us for the grand price of a handful of air! We're very grateful to him (even though I can't remember his name! Its still Rob.). We're going to be recording in a semi-live environment (lay down the drums and bass (whilst playing guitars and singing - more about that in a sec) and then redo some solo parts etc and then finally laying on vocal tracks. The big problem (which means it's a good reason for doing it this way) is that Karen appears to potentially have tonsilitis - Bummer! So she is going to have to whisper the words to make sure we know where we are in the songs but hopefully will recover enough by the next slot we have to be able to do her wonderful voice justice!

We are going to try to record a few songs, in the short amount of time we have, and the list (as it stood last time we discussed it) is:

Ordinary Song
Girl in the Red Dress 2
Moving Too Slow

with the last one up for grabs. Either way, in a couple of weeks time (tonsilitised [yes I have just made that word up - pretty good eh?!] voice hopefully recovered) we should have some awesome new tracks with the final band line-up for you to be able listen to (and maybe even download for free - which is nice!).

Anyway I'm sure we'll keep you up to date and on the edge of your seat through the whole process, Excited TFT out! ---->>>>