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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Blogging in the Sunshine and GIG WITH SENSER!!

Well as it's such a beautiful day I thought "why not blog in the sunshine? Why stay inside like a strange hermit who is only brought out to play amazing drum solos and then put back in his cave" So I have been allowed outside....within the confines of the garden - don't worry, 6ft security fences, rotating armed patrols and snipers towers means I won't be a danger to society - I have to stop watching Alias!.

Anyway I have managed to connect 3 x 5metre extension leads together and then the laptop charger, connected to the laptop, to enable me to blog in the comfiness that is my new set of garden furniture in the blazing sunshine. It's true that only a true Brit could say "wow, let's strip down to bare essential clothing (only by public demand of course!) and sit in the gorgeous 18 degrees weather" when other climates perceive these kind of temperatures as close to Arctic conditions!

Wow, I don't half prattle on!

Well I've just had possibly the most excited phone call EVER from Monsieur Langston who was informing me that "by the way was I busy on June 13th because if I was then can I kindly cancel it and wee myself with pleasure as we have just been asked to support SENSER ( - an amazing signed band who hit #4 in the UK album charts in 1995 and who were quite the sensation around the same time RATM were hitting the US!) at the TALKING HEADS! This is all the information I have been given however there's no way we are going to turn down this kind of opportunity - I've been re-listening to the old Senser albums (and the new one they have out now) so I'm well prepared for when we finally support them. I'm super-duper-wooper-a-little-bit-pooper excited although it's going to be a mass push when it gets close to it as TFT are taking a breather whilst Tom's goes and gets himself shackled to his lovely missus!

Anyway we'll let you know more details closer to the time but needless to say the rest of the band are uber exciting and we really hope you'll be able to come see us at, what promises to be, the gig of a lifetime.

Other things that are going on at the moment - we are recording some tracks still with Rob from the Solent Uni (thanks very much Rob!), almost all the drum tracks are laid down and next week we'll be concentrating to sort Tom's guitar bits out (not the usual way to record stuff but as he's away from next weekend onwards due to the wedding/honeymoon/sexscapades then we'll need to get our little pert bottoms in gear to sort it out before he heads off.

Anyway, the sun's going in, I've ignored Sarah for a good 30 minutes so will be paying the price soon., SENSER man.........awesome......!

Chris - Out!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

SNOW And a Rocking Evening with the Oberon Project

Well This is Tom.

A very good morning.

I got woken this morning by a phone call telling me it was snowing, and they were not wrong!! Its snow.

Why do we regress to being 3 again? I now have cold hands but who cares, it was so worth it.

Well the suprise of snow aside, last night at the Havana bar was great!

Thanks to the Oberon Project for having us along and thanks to Penny for having her birthday around us. She had decorated the room with cool banners and projections of images, I felt like Pink Flyod.

We had so many cool people after telling us they liked us which is always the biggest compiment.

This beats real work for a living.

Lily was there taking some photos and loving Karens shoes, we have made a deal to get Lily the shoes in return for donughts. I think its a fair deal, Karen may have words though.......

When we have looked through them all we will post you all the photos up.

Tonight we are hoping to play the Crown and Cushion in Haslemere and it may very well depend if we can get there in the snow but we hope to see you there.

Portsmouth Rocks

Well Folks,

Who’d have thought it’s been six months since Chris and me were introduced into Thinking For Tuesday, doesn’t time fly. I guess all the gigging and rehearsing and recording that we have going on just makes time fly...

But enough with the Sentimental dithering, there is more fun to be had it is a busy weekend for us, we are only halfway through it, but The Havana Bar rocks!

It was great to see so many faces some new, some not so new faces, lots of thanks to everyone who helped, we had a great time, and so did those of you who were there.

So on to tonight, if you need more! come on over to the Crown and Cushion at Haselmere Surrey (not Buckinghamshire!) we would love to see you there...

I’m off to go walking in the 3 inches of snow that fell here last night, Snow, in april! what is the world coming to.

I’m now going to leave you all, thanks for reading.

Hopefully see you all tonight