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Thursday, 29 May 2008


Well as they are getting nearer I am getting more excited! Yes, not only have we been asked to support Senser at The Talking Heads, Southampton, but a week later we will be the main support slot for Sham 69 in Winchester - yet another great gig for TFT.
We are working hard to get the set tight and slick and ensure we select the best songs for the bands we are supporting. I can't wait to play and see them perform too.
It will be a great couple of weeks for the band and anyone that would like to join the party and come along we would love to see you. Details of both events are posted on the website and if you would like tickets to either gig please just drop us a line on myspace or go to
We'd love to see you there.
Thanks a lot,
Karen & TFT

Friday, 2 May 2008

Studio pernikittyness!

Well Tom and I were in the studio last night to finish his recording of Falling (This is not usually the order you record things as the standard is to lay down bass after drums and not guitar however as Tom will be away for an extended honeymoon - needs must....)!

This is only going to be a quick blog today I'm afraid as I am currently at work and my usual essay-blogs take time to publish!

Anyway the recording is going really well, Rob has been very patient with us (I say us, in fact I mean Tom as he is quite the perfectionist - not a bad trait, especially as recording should sound as perfect as possible - bearing in mind however that usually any mistakes we make during a gig/practice are covered up by the general noise that we produce [and Kazla's bits on display!] then trying to get it to sound perfect has been no mean feat!). Rob is doing really well getting the mixing right, we're getting an awesome sound due to the fact that ProTools HD is totally awesome/Rob knows his Desk stuff/We have 7 Mics for everything (7 for the drum set-up, 7 for the guitars etc) so we're not missing anything out sound-wise! Next week Barney will be recording his bits.....when I say his bits I mean his Bass guitar parts in the songs rather than his actual bits.....although I'm thinking perhaps that might be a fun competition......Okay that's sorted, we will run a competition and give some free stuff away to whoever guesses the following:

"We will record the sound of Barney's bits in one of the songs, for the first person who guesses which song and exactly where the sound of Barney's genitals (which, contrary to popular belief and in opposition to any rhymes which I sing, are not covered in barnacles) occurs they will win a prize that is unsurpassed in it's pricelessness!"

Anyway I must dash-a-rooney as I technically really should be working.......ah well

Chris outta here!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>