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Thursday, 16 October 2014

UPDATE: New project for Tom, Chris and Barny

Well it has been a long time since Thinking for Tuesday did anything. We all loved our time in the band and as they say it's hard to keep a good man down.

With that in mind Tom, Chris and Barny left Thinking for Tuesday but kept playing, writing and jamming together with a mind to getting a new project together.

Well that has happened, with a familiar face on board and a brand new kick-arse lady telling 4 lads what to do (we love it really)

For those of you who came to a few TFT gigs and knew us, will remember that a lovely chap called Mark would help us out with gear, sound and coffee on regular occasions. Well it turns out he can play a bit on the guitar as well!

Naheed is the unlucky lady to decide working with the 4 of us is a good idea. Found on the darkest reaches of the internet she impressed the boys with her vocals and so a new band was born.

Please check out the new project here and we have links to all the main social media stuff you would expect.

We are about to play a big gig that we would love to see you at all in a good cause, for the Royal British Legion on the 30th October in Covent Garden.

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